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Welcome to Generations Child Care

Generations is a leading provider of licensed, nationally accredited child care in the Rochester New York (NY) area. They offer uniquely intergenerational programming teams with social adult daycare linking children and seniors.

Generations has seven centers located in Fairport, Gates, Webster, East Irondequoit, Southwest Rochester Area, Northwest Rochester Area, and Northeast Rochester, NY.

Our Curriculum includes programs for

Generations Child Care's Recent News

Branching Out Theme of the Week: Looking at Light and Color

Have you ever noticed how things look differently in the sun compared to the shade? Place 2 pictures of the same scene next to each other taken in the early morning, mid-afternoon and evening. What do you notice that is the same and different – color! We will use our magnifiers and mirrors to see [...]

Branching Out Theme of the Week: What’s Up in the Sky?

During the school year we talk about air transportation as well as birds and other things that fly. This week we will investigate some more and discover what we haven’t yet seen. We will look at what new birds, bugs and flying vehicles we can see. While we see airplanes and helicopters more frequently, but [...]

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