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Welcome to Generations Child Care

Generations is a leading provider of licensed, nationally accredited child care in the Rochester New York (NY) area. They offer uniquely intergenerational programming teams with social adult daycare linking children and seniors.

Generations has seven centers located in Fairport, Gates, Webster, East Irondequoit, Southwest Rochester Area, Northwest Rochester Area, and Northeast Rochester, NY.

Our Curriculum includes programs for

Generations Child Care's Recent News

Branching Out Theme of the Week: Planting and Gardening

Spring has sprung and we are getting ready to move the seeds we planted last month, outside. We will work outside to find the perfect place with sun and water good ground to plant our vegetables and flowers. We will replant inside plants that need more space and talk about what makes plants grow big [...]

Bill Cala Visits Fairport

During the Month of the Young Child, our community is inviting elected officials and community leaders into child care centers to read to the children and experience first hand how we prepare young children for future success. These most valuable years are enhanced by ensuring these programs remain a a strong, thriving part of our [...]

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