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Welcome to Generations Child Care

Generations is a leading provider of licensed, nationally accredited child care in the Rochester New York (NY) area. They offer uniquely intergenerational programming teams with social adult daycare linking children and seniors.

Generations has seven centers located in Fairport, Gates, Webster, East Irondequoit, Southwest Rochester Area, Northwest Rochester Area, and Northeast Rochester, NY.

Our Curriculum includes programs for

Generations Child Care's Recent News

Branching Out Theme of the Week: My Home & Neighborhood

When you travel by the same buildings and things every day, you almost forget to notice them. This week we will talk about important things in our neighborhood that help us and each other. There are fire companies, schools, churches and hospitals as well as stores, libraries and doctor’s offices. When you walk, ride or [...]

Branching Out Theme of the Week: My Friends – Old & New

The children are quickly forming friendships with classmates and telling stories about all of the fun things they do. Have you heard new friend’s names at home? This week are all learning all about each other and what it means to be a friend. Friends help each other and say kind things. We can help [...]

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