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Welcome to Generations Child Care

Generations is a leading provider of licensed, nationally accredited child care in the Rochester New York (NY) area. They offer uniquely intergenerational programming teams with social adult daycare linking children and seniors.

Generations has seven centers located in Fairport, Gates, Webster, East Irondequoit, Southwest Rochester Area, Northwest Rochester Area, and Northeast Rochester, NY.

Our Curriculum includes programs for

Generations Child Care's Recent News

Branching Out Theme of the Week: Fall Foods

Fall brings us once a year foods to enjoy. If you planted flowers and vegetables this year as some of our classrooms did, you may have enjoyed beans or tomatoes grown by your own hand. Home grown foods are so very nutritious and tasty. We should all experience the joy of growing and eating our [...]

Branching Out Theme of the Week: Ways We Communicate

Especially when interacting with young children, we quickly become aware of how children who haven’t developed language skills yet, can still tell us what they need. We can tell from their facial expressions, body movements and sounds or cries when things are good or not so good. When we know children well, we can predict [...]

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