Our Team

There are many important components to a high quality early care and education program, but none are more important than the staff who directly interact with your child. Generations is committed to hiring highly qualified teachers and staff to meet your loved one’s emotional, social, and creative needs.

Quality Educators

Our childcare staff comprises a team of professionals and paraprofessionals in early childhood education. We are proud to boast about the longevity of many of our staff members who remain at the core of our program. Many of our educators have specialized training including a CDA (Child Development Associate Credential) as well as advanced degrees in education.

At Generations, we seek individuals that are dedicated to positively shaping the lives of the children that are in their care. We find that the people that enter the field of childhood education do so because of their dedication and passion for enriching the lives of the children they teach. Our staff’s effectiveness is based on a combination of their skills, knowledge, and personality. Our educators and staff are kind, caring, enthusiastic, and professional. Patience is always important as not all children learn at the same rate, and who among us has not met a child that can ask ten questions in one breadth? With young children, one can never be overly structured in their planning as the daily routine is often molded or changed by the individual needs of the children, which makes flexibility and creativity an important part of being an early childhood educator.

Orientation and On-going Training

All new employees participate in a thorough company orientation conducted by Generations management staff. Employees are briefed on company policies and procedures such as communication, New York State Regulations, accreditation standards, health & safety and curriculum.

Staff participate in ongoing training throughout the year which covers topics such as principles of childhood development, nutrition, regulation guidelines, and safety and security procedures. Additional topics of training include medication administration and health needs of children. Medication Administration Training (MAT) is a program designed to train staff to safely and properly administer medication. Each of our locations has several staff members that is MAT trained. As outlined by New York State OCFS regulations, staff who are approved to administer medication attend an extensive training program and must maintain current first aid and CPR certification. Additionally, our staff Nurse offers regular on-site staff training regarding general health concerns for children.

Beyond structured training, staff attend workshops and conferences in the community and regularly participates in local, regional and national conferences.